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Assistance in Getting your medical cannabis card From Our Medical Marijuana Certification Center In Southfield, MI

There are many patients throughout Michigan who can and will benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Patients in Southfield, MI can use our MMJ Clinic to access compassionate doctors to walk you through the registration process as well as to ensure the correct prescription and dosage is provided to each patient.

First Steps at a Medical Marijuana Certification Center In Southfield, MI

When meeting with our medical marijuana doctors near Southfield or other areas of the state, it is important to bring your current medical documentation as well as your identification.

During the appointment, our doctors will discuss the process of obtaining the medical marijuana card as well as assisting in the completion of all required paperwork. They will also discuss the safe use of medical marijuana and answer all patient questions.

Where to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Southfield, MI

We realize it can be complicated and even intimidating to go through the process. If you have any questions about where or how to become registered, visit one of our medical marijuana clinics or contact us by phone or email. There is information provided about the qualifying conditions, which can include cancer, Crohn's disease, glaucoma, chronic pain conditions and PTSD. There are other qualifying conditions, which is why talking to medical marijuana doctors near you is important.

Meet With Our Doctors In Southfield, MI

Come into our MMJ Clinic and meet with highly experienced doctors. Familiar with the qualifying conditions as well as the law for the use of medical marijuana, they can provide the information you need to determine if medical marijuana is the best option for the management of your health issues.

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